Don’t Let Anyone Invalidate Your Feelings!


Don’t let anyone invalidate or minimize how you feel. If you feel something, you feel it and it’s real to you. Nothing anyone says has the power to invalidate that, ever. No one else lives in your body. No one … Read More

“Things You Can Control”!


In a world where we have so much freedom,  we also have no control over many many things. However, here are some very important things you can control! How seriously you take life. Your happiness How open minded you are. … Read More

Hard Times Are Often Blessings!


Hard times are often blessings in disguise. Let go and let life strengthen you. No matter how much it hurts, hold your head up and keep going. This is an important lesson to remember when you’re having  a rough day, … Read More

Take Care of Yourself!


Your mental health  is more important than the test, the interview, the lunch date, the meeting,  the family dinner, the soccer game, the recital, and the grocery run. Take care of yourself. @nakedwithanxiety https://askwandafirst.com/2017/10/wellness-mindfulness/ https://askwandafirst.com/2018/12/center-on-what-is-happening-inside-you/ https://askwandafirst.com/2018/11/20-self-care-ideas-for-mental-health/ #selfcare#selflove#youaremoreimportant#loveyourself

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