Grilled Tzatziki Turkey Sandwich!
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Grilled Tzatziki Turkey Sandwich Creating recipes is one of my passions. I got the idea for this sandwich in a dream….lol……about 2 months ago. I must have been hungry. When I awoke I made it... Read More

5 Basic Steps to Cooking!
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5 Basic Steps to Cooking Cooking is one of those things that we have to do whether we want to or not. Generally people either love it or they hate it. Eating is essential and... Read More

Coconut Chicken
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I made this Coconut Chicken for the first time last night for supper.  It was very very good.  I put it in the refrigerator and we ate the rest a couple of hours later….it was... Read More

Mushroom Cilantro Chicken
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 A friend and I are doing a 30 day challenge and only eating healthy.  Last night I wanted to make us a healthy meal as we were hanging out.  I created this recipe. It is... Read More

Perfect Christmas Turkey!
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Cooking turkey can be quite intimidating but it is really quite easy.  I stuff my turkey with dressing made from potatoes, bread, onions, salt, pepper and poultry seasoning.  I make it the day before so... Read More

Christmas Cherry Bread!
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This Cherry Bread is easy and super delicious.  I started making it last year for a friend who loves Cherry Bread.  It has started a tradition with my friend Donna (she says I nailed it) ... Read More

Basmati Rice with Shrimp!
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“Basmati Rice and Shrimp”  This is a fine dining meal that takes very little preparation or time …….super easy and super delicious! 1 bag of frozen shrimp – thaw in the fridge overnight, use 30 –... Read More

Roasted Sweet Potatoes
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“Roasted Sweet Potatoes” Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite side dishes and they are nutritious, delicious and easy to make. Chop in cubes 1 – 2 large sized sweet potatoes In a bowl pour... Read More

Easy & Delicious Baked Chicken!
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“Easy & Delicious Baked Chicken”  Chicken thighs, 1 – 2 packages, or 6 – 12 pieces Remove skin and place in a greased glass oven proof dish Mill salt, pepper, and roasted chicken seasoning on... Read More

Chicken Nachos with Guacamole!
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Chicken Nachos with Guacamole! Guacamole In a medium size bowl, chop with a sharp knife into small pieces 4 – 5 avacados (for perfect ripeness you should be able to put a slight dent in... Read More

Spaghetti Sauce over Spaghetti Squash!
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      “Spaghetti Sauce over Spaghetti Squash” This is one of the best meals for flavor with healthy ingredients. Leftovers are delicious and microwavable.  Spaghetti squash is used instead of spaghetti. One medium –... Read More

Turkey Bagel Burgers!
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    “Turkey Bagel Burger” Since discovering turkey burger we have not eaten hamburger at all. I use it to make spaghetti sauce, soups, as well as casseroles. In a bowl combine 1 package of... Read More

Easy and Delicious Onion Dip!
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Easy and Delicious Onion Dip This is a favorite with my friends. It is sssssooooo good.  The dish is always empty first. 1 large tub of thick sour cream(I use Farmers Restaurant Style) if you... Read More

Easy Apple Pie!
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  “Easy Apple Pie” Pie crust 5 ½ cups all-purpose flour sifted in a bowl 1 tsp salt sifted and mix into flour Chop in a package of lard with pastry cutter until pea size... Read More

Avacado Chicken Boats by Wanda
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Avacado Chicken Boats This is one of my very favorite recipes,  they are bursting with flavour! You can use precooked chicken from the grocery store (strips of white meat with seasoning) or I bake chicken... Read More

Everyone loves to eat delicious food especially if it is easy to prepare and doesn’t require a lot of prep time.

All the recipes have been created by me to share with you.

Easy to follow instructions and simple ingredients!

Enjoy! Remember to always make the recipe your own.