Stay True To Yourself!

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Don’t worry about what people think of you or about the way they try to make you feel.

If people want to see you as a good person, they will.

If they want to see you as a bad person, absolutely nothing you can do will stop them.

Ironically, the more you try to show them your good intentions, the more reason you give them to knock you down if they are committed to misunderstanding you.

Keep your head up high and be confident in what you do.  Be confident in your intentions and keep your eyes ahead instead of wasting your time on those who want to drag you back.  

Because you can’t change a person’s view, you have to believe that true change for yourself comes from within, not from anyone else.

That is power and that is freedom!


Living Authentically Means Cultivating The Courage To Be Emotionally Honest!

Do What Is Right for You!

Never Stop The Music!

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