Grilled Tzatziki Turkey Sandwich!

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Grilled Tzatziki Turkey Sandwich

Creating recipes is one of my passions.

I got the idea for this sandwich in a dream….lol……about 2 months ago. I must have been hungry.

When I awoke I made it and watched my husbands eyes grow with delight.

He has been eating them ever since and I have had my fair share as well.


Here are the easy to follow instructions and ingredients.

2 pieces of bread – I used Silverhills Max Flax gluten free

Thinly spread each piece with Tzatziki – Blue Menu

4 thinly slices of turkey breast – I fold them in half and place one on each edge of the bread.

Add grated extra old cheese or habanera – or whatever is your fav.

Butter one side with real butter and place in a heated pan, medium to high heat on the buttered side.

Butter the other side while the first side is cooking.

When both sides are toasted you will have an incredibly tasty sandwich in a matter of minutes.




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