Basmati Rice with Shrimp!

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“Basmati Rice and Shrimp”

 This is a fine dining meal that takes very little preparation or time …….super easy and super delicious!

1 bag of frozen shrimp – thaw in the fridge overnight, use 30 – 40 pieces

Cook 1 c basmati rice as per instructions. While the rice is cooking, heat a pan on med – high heat. Add olive oil and minced garlic.

Add one package of washed and dried button mushrooms (if you dry them they take less time to cook and brown faster). Cook for about 10 – 12 minutes

Add 3 or 4 green onions chopped in ½ inch pieces and cook until the mushrooms are brown.

Add shrimp, milled salt and pepper and coconut Thai spice. Cook for about 5 – 6 minutes more or when shrimp are opaque in color. Pour into a glass bowl and squeeze one fresh lemon all over, do not stir.  The green onion absorbs the lemon and makes this recipe spectacular!

On each plate, place rice in the middle and cover with shrimp.

This dish is divine!



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