Turkey Bagel Burgers!

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Turkey Bagel Burger”

Since discovering turkey burger we have not eaten hamburger at all. I use it to make spaghetti sauce, soups, as well as casseroles.

In a bowl combine 1 package of turkey burger (makes 4 or 5 burgers), one small red onion finely chopped, minced garlic, milled salt, pepper and add some Thai coconut spice. You can use whichever spices you prefer.

In a frying pan heated with olive oil cook the burgers on med high heat until the juice starts to brown. Flip the burger over, it should be browned on the first side. Add grated Asiago cheese to the top until it melts. The burger should be cooked completely through by now.

Lightly toast the bagel, I use “Everything” bagels.

On both sides of the toasted bagel I spread Greek Feta Dressing

On the bottom side place the burger, top with bold original sauce, finely sliced red onion, a sliced garlic dill pickle, and tomatoes and cooked bacon.  

On the top half of the bagel, spread green chow chow (Habitat) and a bit of mustard. Cut your burger in half and enjoy!

This is not your ordinary burger in any way.  So delicious and filling!

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