8 Fashion Tips to Dress for YOUR shape!

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How to Dress for YOUR Shape!

Clothes, clothes, clothes and more clothes. That is how much I love them! What I love even more is how great I feel when I’m wearing a fabulous outfit. I always say presentation is everything.

A well put together outfit speaks for itself. Small attention to detail makes the difference between a nice outfit and a fabulous outfit.

When I was a child I remember seeing a commercial for “Wonder Bra” that has stuck with me throughout my life and proved to be totally correct all these years later.

 “ It is not the clothes that make the woman. It is the bra that makes the clothes that make the woman.” Very wise and oh so true!

“First Things First”

Starting off with the proper undergarments is essential. A proper fitting bra and panties that are comfortable are the first and best foundation for a great look.

Secondly, choosing colors of clothing that are best suited for your hair and skin color will make YOU light up!

I don’t recommend following trends to get the most for your money.  Spend money on clothing that is practical and easy to care for.

Purchasing pieces you can mix and match help you get the most bang for your buck and helps keep your closet organized.

However, I do have one rule that works for me. I never buy anything that I am not strongly attracted to.

I know me…..and that means it will hang in my closet or I will end up giving it away.

Whatever your shape or body type there is a fashion you can wear and look great in if you follow a few simple examples, below are just a few:

“8 Great Tips to Dress for Success”

  1. For a slimmer look either wear a sleeve that is long, or 3 to 4 inches above the elbow or even sleeveless (if you are comfortable with your arms being bare). When you put your arm down to your side, if your sleeve is higher than your waistline it will create an instant slimming effect.

2. Stripes going across are not the most complimentary on full figures. However stripes going up and down can be worn by almost every body shape.

3. Buying pants or a skirt that fit well is essential for a well put together look. It pays to invest in a pair of black pants and a black skirt that fit well. You can create many outfits from these two simple pieces. The hemline on pants should come to the upper part of the heel of your shoe. If your pants are hemmed to short you will look shorter than you actually are.

4. Also, the hemline on your skirt should be just above your knee to create a slimming effect.Selecting footwear and accessories is very important for the complete, balanced, and smart looking outfit.

5. The selections of footwear styles available are endless. Whether heels, flats, sandals, closed toed, opened toed or boots….and the list goes on.

6. Shoes are the required accessory and they should be comfortable with a heel size you can walk comfortably and confidently in. After all carrying off any outfit ALWAYS has to do with confidence. If you are comfortable it will show.

7. Your shoe color should complement your outfit. A little polish goes a long way. Accessorizing is the final touch to every outfit.

8. Whether you prefer lots of bling or a more toned down look. You can accessorize with earrings, neck pieces, hair jewelry, watches, rings, toes rings, ankle bracelets, scarves, hats and handbags.

Accessories are very versatile and can be worn with every outfit.

There is one important rule of fashion. If you love it wear it!

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